Hare and tortoise: -(listening to inner voices)

We all have heard about the story of hair and tortoise in our childhood. Once hair challenged tortoise for a race and tortoise accepted the challenge. Later when they started the race as hare can run faster then tortoise he went far ahead in the race. In the middle of the road, he thought of taking rest thinking that tortoise is still far behind, by  the time he can take some rest. While taking the rest, he fall asleep and when he waked up, he found tortoise was just at the winning post of the race. He tried to cope up with it but couldn’t make it. It was very late and tortoise won. The moral of the story was slow and steady wins the race.

Now, if we slightly think in other perspective in a different way, we realize that there are some more learnings in the story.

Just think the mental status of both the characters before the race. Hare was confident enough and was sure that he will win the race. He was experienced, was thinking on ground, was energetic, was knowledgably knowing that he can or will win. There are thousands of voices inside his mind were coming that it is the easy race and he is going to win the game. But he never thought that why the tortoise took the challenge and what provoked the tortoise to choose such kind of losing game. According to me there will be one voice small, shrink, little might have come to his mind, that there is something wrong with my thinking and I have to prepare for that. It was a just a small little voice.

On the other hand, let’s see what tortoise may be thinking. According to me, there are thousand and one voices coming before the game in tortoise mind that you will lose the game. But still the tortoise accepted the challenge. Because he might have heard a small little inner voice coming from his mind to accept the challenge. He might have heard a voice telling him, to take the risk this time and play the gamble.

So the tortoise, listened to his inner voice and the hare on the other end neglected the inner voice and due to which he lost the game. This is my perspective.

We all are in the race of something in life. It may be career, love, recognition, job, money etc. and we make decisions for those races. But sometimes we make right decision and sometimes we regret. It happens that we make decisions in hurry or sometimes waiting after long time or on time. And then we got the consequences for that. Facing the consequences of our decisions is one thing and finding an option before taking it is another. We need to sit at quiet place sometimes and we use to ask ourselves that is this what I needed or is this the right thing I want to do or I don’t want to do and if there is some pinching, some noise, some smell, some fragrance coming from your heart, then we should go for it and try it. If not in short not, in the long run it will definitely help you.

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