7 reasons to watch Vikram Vedha

Based on Ancient Indian history (story of King Vikramaditya)

Vikram Vedha is based on Indian ancient history story about ancient king Vikramaditya. Vikramaditya was once told by tantric to bring Betaal (a type of spirit-pishach) to him while Vikramaditya was bringing Beetal on the way , Betaal put him a condition that he will tell him a story and in between if he speaks or answers he will run away again. So it all started telling stories one by one at the end of story he used to ask Vikiramaditya a question as Vikramaditya was lost inside his story and try to solve the issue he just spoke and gave the answers to these questions then when he spoke and gave the right answers Betaal gets run away this happens every time almost around 25 times. By the end Vikramaditya succeed in getting Betaal to the tantric and finally gets the truth.

South Remake of same name

As the south cinema industry is making boom this year because of great movies, people started trusting the scripts and storyline of south Indian cinema. This was not the case 2 years back. The old movie was a great hit staring Madhavan and Vijay Senthupathy.

Gripping Script

My personal experience while watching old Vikram Vedha was great. The storyline, the script and essence of our Indian culture (stories) and reflecting it to the cinema and modern times was really fabulous.

New Avtar of Hrithik as a gangster

If we want to compare a Bollywood star to a Hollywood personality, then the first word that comes to our mind is Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik in past had done a great variety of roles like a superhuman, ordinary singer boy, a thief, a real class teacher etc. But this he had a new version of a gangster. His action image is going to make a boom after this for sure.

Director (Husband and Wife–Pushkar & Gayathri)

Same director has directed the previous movie of same name (with star cast Madhavan and Vijay Senthupathy) . So the combo of husband wife may be a big reason to watch the movie.

Action Packed thriller

As far as action is concerned, as per the teaser, the action seems a good hype compared to the previous one.

Great music and songs

“Bande” song is good to listen and tries to catch the storyline while watching. Other alchoholia and sahiba also gives a good feeling.

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