6 differences between Arjun and Karna.

Mahabharat was and will be the greatest epic of our times in Indian history. Stories of Arjun, Krishna, Karna and others will flourish through the end of time.I always found a discussion about who was a great warrior. Whether it is Karna or Arjun in Mahabharat (the greatest ancient history ever). There are few people who supports Arjun and many are there who also supports Karna by supporting the cheatings done in his life by fate.

We all know that Kurukshetra war happened many centuries ago and in this war, the Pandavas won over the Kauravas. Out of many great warriors like Bhisma, Drona, Bheem etc. two of the most famous ones are Karna and Arjun. These two could have changed the phase of war at any time. So it was important for one to live and other to die. Karna was on kauravas side and Arjun was a Pandav. Lord Krishna was Arjuna’s charioteer and his guide. In the end of the war, Krishna trapped Karna and thus Karna was killed by Arjun.

There is and will be always a dispute throughout the history for this discussion about who is the greater Bow archer. Taking this discussion in some context and comparing in todays time, following points I observed from what I have seen, read or talked. Nobody is going to go back in time till we have invented a time machine and become sure about what happened centuries ago, but based on facts and ancient texts we can expand our thoughts in different ways. We can learn from the past everytime if we see it unilaterally in a positive way. Following are the difference between them, which I observed and may be useful in our present life:-


Karna thought his whole life that the world has done injustice to him and one day he will show the whole world that he is the greatest warrior of all times.

For Arjuna Whole life went into injustice, but yet arises everytime thinking that this time a new beginning will be created. (whether you are not paid or not satisfied with your job or wife or husband. There is never too late to start for a new beginning)


Karna waiting for the one-day victory and being defeated many times in seeking respect and honor from others.

Arjun never desired for victory, live the life each day ,only focused on process and finally got the results.


For this victory Karna has to joined the wicked ones and thus helped them to induce a great war and becomes the reason of death of lacs of people.

Arjuna on the other hand being on the side of good found alone but got help from supreme power of universe (lord Krishna.


To show his valour and pride, Karna forget to help the ones who were done injustice. Means his mind was so clubbed with injustice done to  him that he even forgot to see the injustice being done to society.(Great sight but  Lack of vision).

Arjuna used his results of injustice in well being of others and finally won the battle of life.


For Karna life revolves around himself only. (My injustice, my valour, my skills etc.—Its like when we do our job to satisfy our needs only. We work for overself and don’t focus on family, sociality etc.)

For Arjun life and work revolves around others , dharma, swadharma .


Karna Devoted to just one final goal, deafeating Arjun and becomes the best.

Arjun Devoted to process of training for bow and archery and later to Krishna, which gave him the darshan of Virat Swarup (Visvarupa Darshan)

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