Why Bhisma-Drona-Karna was killed by deceit in the Mahabharat war?

Mahabharat was and will be one of the greatest epic histories of our times. There are different perspectives of people who used to view Mahabharat in different ways. The story is about right and wrong and many other things about life and death. It’s a story of knowledge and deception. It’s a story about strength and victory.

There are many character in Mahabharat like Arjun, Bhim, Karna, Bhisma etc. who were great warriors at that time and lord Krishna who is considered to be Purna Avtar (the one will all qualities of life). Lord Krishna was on Pandava’s side and was a charioteer of Arjuna. He himself could have been finish the war in 1 second. But still he didn’t jumped in war. He acted as a guide to Pandavas. But during the war he also cheated and deceived many of his opponents . Specifically, Bhisma, Karna and Dronacharya. These were the ones who could have change the course of war and was extremely difficult, almost impossible to defeat. Yet they were defeated , but by deceit.

 I was thinking that why Krishna choose to defeat them by deceit . This question was going on in my mind since many days. These were also honest man and doesn’t want to fight for kingdom of Hastinapur. But then why they were killed by deceit. Why Krishna choose this type of death for them. For a person who is brave and bold, best death is to die with bravery and not by deceit.

Years later when I watched Mahabharat again , I got a new perspective for this . I realized one of the reason for which Krishna choosed a death like this for them. Then I compared this with our daily routine life.

Bhisma, Drona and Karna were the only wariors from Kauravas who could have the won the war against Pandavas. Bhisma was having a boon that he can die whenever he felt he wants to die, but can’t fight with a women/girl. Karna was also trained by Parshuram (the great avatar) and Dronacharya was the guru of all Pandavas and the Kauravas. Dronacharya trained all of them and was also having Bramhastra which could destroy the whole world. Drona and Karna were also eager to use Brahmastra at any time for victory.

Now there may be two reasons, why these great wariors were deceived.

  1. They all have Brahmastra, which could destroyed the whole world. To avoid this Krishna deceived them. He prepared a stage and situation that they couldn’t do anything and were killed. He attacked them mentally and morally.
  2. They were the ones who could have stopped the Mahabharat war by not supporting Duryodhan. Duryodhan (the kauravas king) wanted to do and win war with Pandavas and thus grab the kingdom of Hastinapur. However to win the war he need wariors who could defeat Bhim, Arjun and other Maharathis from Pandavas. And he was supported by Bhisma, Drona and Karna. If all of them refused to participate in war then the war couldn’t had been occur. So these are the main persons who could have stopped the war and killings of these many peoples on earth. These three were bravest of man and for a brave person the worst death is by deception, where they were not given a chance to prove their bravery and boldness. This was the worst punishment given to a brave person. This may be the reason for their death.

If we compare this things in our life, sometimes we have a lot of energy and talent in us. When we use this talent in doing wrong to others we are going to get paid in one or the the way. Sometimes joining the wrong is worst then not joining the right ones. Based on our talent, our powers if somebody else is benefiting in wrong way by doing wicked things then its time to introspect ourselves. In job or business, power, position, degrees when used for wrong deeds then the silent supporter would also be going to pay for that in future.

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